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General Instructions
Once the application is launched, you have three hours to submit your project. You will not have the option of saving your work and returning to it later. Therefore, we recommend that, before starting, you print the project registration form by clicking on the above link "Printable Form".
All questions must be answered. Some of them are accompanied by a text box for providing additional information. We recommend that you make use of this space, since the content will be considered in your project's evaluation.
The questionnaire may pose questions that are not related to your project; in these cases, please select the option "Not applicable".
At the end, you will have an opportunity to attach files, so we ask that you send materials along with the project presentation to complement the evaluation.
All information will be treated confidentially.
The system will send an e-mail confirming the receipt of your project.
Braskem may not sponsor projects with the following characteristics:
  • That promote specific political parties, politicians or religions;
  • That encourage violence, criminality, drugs, sex, animal cruelty and bad environmental practices;
  • That are not aligned with the values of transparency, integrity and ethics;
  • That violate the law or are not aligned with the Company's Code of Conduct or Policy on Compliance with Ethics, Integrity and Transparency;
  • That are associated with organizations representing, whether directly or indirectly, a specific political party or politician;
  • That are for individuals. Only organizations may receive support;
  • That are for professional artists or bands.
Donation proposals sent for analysis must be submitted at least 90 days before their execution.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with the requirements for compliance with the Data Protection and Privacy Laws in force in the countries where Braskem operates, by completing and submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree with the provision and the use of your personal data (full name, email, telephone). This data will be used solely and exclusively by Braskem, as the data controller, for purposes of contact, communication, response and eventual validation of the contract by the areas directly involved with your request for donation or sponsorship and third parties that may be involved, such as the Sponsor, the Sponsorium tool provider.

The information provided by you that contains personal data will be handled in accordance with Braskem's Global Personal Data Protection Policy, which commits to use this information for the purposes mentioned above, restricting its access to duly authorized persons. We request that you do not provide any sensitive or financial data on this form.

For detailed information on the control of personal data by Braskem, please refer to Braskem's Privacy Policy, available on Braskem's website or by contacting Braskem directly by email at The Privacy Policy contains information about the rights of the data subjects. If desired, in the future, you can exercise your rights of access, modification, cancellation and contestation guaranteed by the applicable Data Protection Laws.

Thank you for considering us as a potential partner of your project.
We wish you much success on your project!

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